Refund Policy

All payments received for our services will be deemed as final. Refunds are subjected to authorization, and might be accepted on production of adequate proof. However, if in a rare occasion your debit/ credit care is erroneously double charged we will give you a full refund.

We offer adequate revision services for those academic papers that we write for you. In case of any modification, our revision services are absolutely free and we guarantee a 100% satisfaction on your part.

Any assignment or academic help provided to you by our Company is for the sole purpose of helping you gain a better understanding of the concept, and is not meant to replace any efforts required by you as part of your academic curriculum. We do not believe and neither do we support the use of any materials provided by us to be submitted in place of any homework that was to be done by you alone.

For cancellations, refunds and other similar issues, please refer to the following section for a more detailed idea about it.

Cancellation Policy
A customer can cancel his or her project based on the following conditions mentioned below in our policy:

  • Any cancellation request has to be made within 2 hours of making payments. After that time, no cancellation request will be processed.
  • In case of Same Day Delivery projects, there will be no cancellations. This means you cannot cancel payment even within 2 hours as mentioned above.
  • All cancellation requests are subjected to authorisation and approval from us.

Refund Policy
Refunds are allowed without any discrepancy only under 2 absolute conditions:

  • Services were not delivered.
  • Services were not delivered within the prescribed due date.

Refund allowed: When a particular order is not delivered within the prescribed due date; and the customer notifies us to stop the processing of that order, then the total charged amount is refunded without further assessment.

Refund not allowed: When an order is not delivered within the prescribed due date, but the customer fails to inform us top stop working and follows through with the project, then no refund requests are entertainment. This sends a message that the customer agreed with the late delivery and carried on with our team’s efforts for the completion of his order.

Revision Follow-ups
In case of a revision request, it is to be noted that if a due date prescribed for revision purposes exceeds, then no refund request can be accepted as it is essentially a revisions follow up from the customer and modifications have been provided by the customer himself. Revision will be accepted till 14 days from date we send you solutions. After expiry of 14 days, we are not liable to revise it or revision will be additionally charged.

Terms and Conditions

  • Any request for refund shall be subjected to the following terms and conditions. Please have a look before going forward with your request for a refund.
  • Refunds can’t be processed without proper proofs and reasons. We need viable evidence that shows that our work was termed as bad service, and did not follow up on account of your requirements.
  • Refund can’t be considered if you change your original requirement, which is mentioned at the time of making the payment. Changing of your requirements will deny you any further refund requests.
  • Any email which formally asks or warrants for refund requests will not be considered. If the customer has issues with our service, then a College or University authenticated grade/mark sheet with proper credentials has to be produced that will hold the proof of bad service from us.

In case of repeated follow-ups for revisions and modifications, no refund request shall be considered. Multiple follow-ups will be entertained for a fixed number of times, as deemed fit by us.

No refund request will be considered after a full service delivery in case of lengthy writing assignments. Any issues regarding modifications should be addressed within 15 days from the prescribed delivery date. All requests for revisions or modifications shall be addressed in that 15 day time period. We will provide our quick support in case of lengthy assignments even though these orders are time consuming in nature.

Any request for modifications or clarifications after the 15 day period shall be termed as extra work on our team, and extra payment for an expert’s assistance will be processed on account of that. No refund claims will be issued more than once in this case.

No refund request will be entertained if the customer fails to provide the exact issues or service that is bothering him or her. Only proper issues or problems will be entertained in case of a refund request. You can contact us by email or chat support to show the reasons for refund. If you don’t follow policy, then charge back is strictly not allowed.

We consider appropriate grading systems while preparing our projects and we believe in customer’s 100% satisfaction. Our team of expert writers strive to maintain quality working as per our clients’ requirements.